The Best Korean BBQ Dishes for Kids

Posted on: 16 October 2019

While the sophisticated flavours of Korean cuisine may seem best suited to an adult palate, there are actually numerous Korean BBQ dishes that kids can enjoy. If you want to turn your next Korean BBQ visit into a family trip and encourage your child to broaden their culinary horizons, here are 4 dishes your little one will love.


One of the best Korean BBQ dishes for kids is also the most popular: bulgogi which the cuisine's trademark dish of marinated and grilled beef. Bulgogi is a great choice for kids for a number of reasons. First, while much Korean food is very spicy, bulgogi is actually marinated in a more sweet cause made from sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic. This seasoning is gentle enough for the child palate while also providing a flavour explosion no one can resist. On top of that, bulgogi is cut into very thin slices that are easy for children to chew and digest.


Many Korean BBQ restaurants serve gimbap as a side dish or appetizer. Very similar to sushi, gimbap is another popular choice for children. It's made from cooked rice stuffed with ingredients and rolled up in sheets of seaweed. The roll is then cut up into bite-sized finger food slices, perfect for kids to pick up and munch on. Unlike sushi, which is primarily made from raw fish (a food many children dislike), gimbap comes in numerous child-friendly varieties. Cooked beef, cooked tuna, vegetables and cheese are some of the most popular choices that diners of all ages enjoy.

Fried Chicken

While some restaurants specialise only in grilled meat, many more also offer Korean fried chicken on the menu. This is the perfect dish for picky children who love nothing more than chicken nuggets. The chicken is usually only lightly seasoned, with an irresistibly crunchy exterior. If your little one is a bit more adventurous, order banban—this half-and-half dish includes classic fried chicken alongside seasoned chicken for more flavour variety.


Does your child tend to make a mess of their food, turning everything into a mixed-up pile of goodness before tucking in? If so, they'll love bibimbap. Korean for 'mixed rice', bibimbap is a dish made from vegetables and meat (or seafood or tofu) on a bed of cooked rice. The best part of bibimbap is that you're mean to mix it vigorously before eating, something most children will enjoy. Note that the dish is usually served with a raw egg and chilli paste—you may want to ask the chef not to include these in a child's bibimbap order.